Product Brochure

Used in these industries:

  • Industry_thumb_industries_aerospace_lrg + Aerospace
  • Industry_thumb_industries_semiconductor_lrg + Semiconductor
  • Industry_thumb_industries_emergingtechnologies_lrg + Emerging Technologies


  1. AR & Conductive Transparent Coatings
  2. Photovolataic Active Device (a-Si) Depostion
  3. Composite Dieletric Coatings
  4. OLED Metalization
  5. Font and Back Contacts for CIGS & a-Si Photovoltaics

Capabilities & Features:

  1. DC, DC Pulse and RF Magnetron Sputtering
  2. Up to 1.4 meters wide deposition area
  3. PECVD
  4. Entry and Exit Load Locks
  5. Linear Ion Source Preclean Options
  6. Multiple Cathodes
  7. Preclean and Preheat Stations

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