Reference Materials

Application Questionnaire – Large Systems

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Application Questionnaire — Microscopy and Microanalysis

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Chiller Sizing Information

Determine your chiller size using this formula. [Download]

Density Reference

Known densities of materials. [Download]

Electron Beam Gun Crucibles Selection Guide

How to choose the right crucible size and its composition for your process. [Download]

Gencoa Sputter Calculator

Online software application that calculates deposition rates for all sputter processes and geometries. [Download]

Glossary and Acronyms

Easy-to-use reference for definition of terms used within the thin film deposition technology industry. [Download]

Ion Beam Etch Rates

Printable chart for guidance on determining rates and yields. [Download]


Materion’s predicted values for a number of manufacturing methods. [Download]

Melting Points and Density

Standard chart reflecting melting points, specific gravity and density of metals. [Download]

Parts Cleaning Recommendations

Denton recommends that shields and other internal process chamber components be periodically cleaned using a bead-blaster. [Download]

PVD Materials

Bar chart reflecting transmission ranges and reflective indices of PVD evaporation materials. [Download]

Sputter Yields and Rates

Table that compares common sputtering targets by density, yields and rate. [Download]

Thermal Evaporation Crucible Selection Guide

Chart guides crucible selection based on chemical and thermal compatibility. [Download]

Thin Film Material Source Reference

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