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Denton Vacuum, LLC provides global service and support to its worldwide customer base through direct service engineering support by Denton Vacuum staff and through direct service support from our network of trained Sales and Service Representatives.

Denton Vacuum System Refurbishments and Upgrades

Denton Vacuum offers a wide variety of system refurbishments and upgrades—even on systems that Denton did not manufacture. These partial or complete renovations, restorations, improvements and upgrades, include:

Complete System Overhaul
Should you require a complete system overhaul—from valves to software controls—Denton can replace all or some of the major components of your system and, in doing so, engineer, design, test and install the system, including all system components and subsystems. Denton typically performs complete system overhauls at its global service facility in Moorestown, NJ. Other services can be performed at your location.

Control Systems Retrofit
Current, state-of–the–art systems control can improve dramatically your overall process management—optimally maintaining the consistency and repeatability of your specific process within your desired range and outcome—while increasing your capabilities and return on investment (ROI). Denton Vacuum’s control systems with our proprietary ProcessPro (based on a GE-Fanuc programmable logic controller that drives all system operations) retrofit adds fully automated controls and software to your existing system, providing users at every level with unique features that enhance productivity and yield. Users in the production environment, for example, will find distinct operating modes for production operators, real-time visualization of system operations, full programmability of setpoints and alarms, and an email alert feature that allows the system to send alarm messages to designated individuals by email. ProcessPro supports remote diagnostics as well.

Partial System Modifications and Upgrades
Denton leverages its 50 years’ experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing high-performance, highly reliable thin film technology vacuum deposition systems that can optimize your existing equipment. From controls, software, deposition sources, substrate fixturing—Denton can make your system better—more reliable and more efficient.

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Denton stands by its systems with full parts and labor warranties as well as optional extended warranties and Preventive Maintenance agreements tailored to your requirements. For direct global service and support, please complete the following:

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