Denton Vacuum enables innovation.

Denton Vacuum microscopy and microanalysis tools better enable users to obtain magnified images to study the morphology, structure, and shape of various features, including grains, phases, embedded phases and embedded particles among others features. Denton Vacuum provides micropscopists and microanalysists several, best-in-class tools, from sputter coaters to high vacuum sputter and evaporation tools for tissue and life science sample preparation, to a large sample, high throughout sputter and evaporation tool for these studies.


  • A sputtering system that can be equipped for carbon evaporation
  • The DESK V HP is the global standard for electron microscopy sample preparation


  • Versatile full-range low-voltage (resistive) thermal evaporation platform
  • Can be configured for high resolution electron microscopy sample preparation

DV-502 »

  • Thermal Evaporation, DC & RF Sputtering
  • High-vacuum gate improves cycle times increasing throughput
  • Accommodate larger sample sizes


  • Versatile, high vacuum, DC & RF sputtering platform.
  • Pumps down to high vacuum (10-6 torr range) in under 30 minutes
  • Supports up to two cathodes in a confocal configuration delivering high uniformity films over a 4
  • Uses less than 36″ of desktop space