Production Solutions

Denton Vacuum enables innovation.

As you would expect from an industry leader, Denton Vacuum’s thin film deposition technology platforms provide users with capable development and reliable production environments available in a variety configurations in chamber sizes, load locks, pumping systems, substrate tooling, fixtures (domes and planetaries), target and power sources, and control (pressure, gas and deposition).

While Denton Vacuum provides its customers with many configurations and operating options, Denton customers still appreciate most Denton’s efforts to size its systems for high productivity, high reliability, low cost of ownership, conformance to CE, UL, SEMI, CSA compliance and others as required, and, perhaps, above all, Denton’s refusal to compromise on features or performance.


  • Production and Research & Development
  • Evaporation, Sputtering & PECVD


  • Sputtering & PECVD
  • Conformal coatings, low temp processing & high intrinsic uniformity


  • Sputtering platform
  • Up to six cathodes


  • High volume magnetron sputtering
  • For cathodes up to 60″ long
  • Single load-lock for entry and exit


  • High-volume evaporation system
  • Optimized for optical coating applications
  • E-beam, thermal resistance and Ion-beam assisted deposition


  • Ion Beam Deposition System
  • Pre-configured end-to-end ion beam deposition system with options for hardware and monitors