Benchtop Turbo

A high vacuum evaporation and sputtering system that delivers unmatched capability and flexibility

Product Brochure

Breakthrough To Best-In-Class Thermal Evaporation On Your Benchtop

The Denton Vacuum Benchtop™ Turbo is a unique, powerful, versatile and capable full-range low-voltage (resistive) thermal evaporation platform engineered for a wide variety of thermal evaporation applications. The Benchtop Turbo can also be configured for high resolution microscopy sample preparation. Safe, reliable and easy to maintain, the Benchtop Turbo is the ideal compact low-voltage thermal evaporator for both routine and complex carbon coating applications. The Benchtop Turbo provides capability for sputtering applications, able to produce fine-grained, thin films for high-resolution analysis or other applications.

Use the Benchtop Turbo when you want to:

  • Evaporate with thermal resistance
  • Sputter for high quality sample preparation
  • Clean with AC glow discharge
  • Activate carbon with AC glow discharge
  • Rotary shadowing

Used in these Industries


  • Low-voltage resistive (thermal) evaporation
  • High vacuum carbon coating
  • High resolution microscopy coatings
  • Rotary shadowing
  • Aperture cleaning

Capabilities & Features

Benchtop Turbo Features



12″ (wide) x 12″ (high) glass jar chamber with guard and automatic lift Yes
12″ x 18″ glass jar chamber with guard and automatic lift Yes
77 l/s turbo molecular pump, air cooled
Mechanical pump, two-stage rotary vane with filter, 3 cfm
Dual-stage, rotary vane mechanical pump, 5.8 cfm
Dry scroll mechanical pump 3.5 cfm
Dry scroll mechanical pump 6.0 cfm
Rotating stage up to 8″ (top or bottom, speed adjustable up to 20 rpm) Yes
Tilting/rotating stage, up to 4-inch (bottom drive, speed adjustable up to 20 rpm) Yes
1kVa/2kVa resistance thermal power sources with switching Yes
Capability for co-deposition Yes
3″ electro-pneumatic shutter, interfaced to system process controller Yes
2-inch diameter, internal mount DC cathode Yes
120 Watt AC glow discharge Yes
SQM-160 deposition monitor Yes
SQC-310 deposition controller Yes
500 Watt quartz, backside with reflector Yes
Mass flow controller, 50 sccm Yes
Bayard-Alpert ionization gauge transmitter Yes