A versatile, high volume sputtering platform equipped with up to six cathodes and production-ready on substrates up to 30″ (760 mm) in diameter

Product Brochure

Used in these Industries


  • Advanced Optical Filters
  • Biocompatible Coatings for Medical Implants
  • Wafer Metal & Dieletic Films
  • Large Area Hybrid Circuit Fabrication
  • Metal Contacts of Compound Semiconductors
  • Research & Development

Capabilities & Features

  • DC/Pulse DC/RF Sputtering & Co-sputtering
  • Up to Eight Cathodes
  • Optional Long Throw Configuration for High Purity Films
  • Load Lock Option
  • Auto Wafer & Substrate Handling Options
  • Base Vacuum in the 10-6 Ultra High Vacuum Scale
  • Up to 30” (760 mm) Substrate Size