Streamlined TEM Sample Preparation for the Life Sciences

Denton Vacuum’s Vitua® system resolves many of the problems with traditional organic molecule imaging by enabling successful, consistent high resolution rotary shadow casting.Vitua includes proven processes that eliminate the guesswork and the trial and error associated with high resolution rotary shadow casting, automating a complicated process, removing a steep learning curve and ensuring successful results that are consistent and repeatable. Vitua streamlines TEM sample preparation and opens up this technique for wider use in organic molecule imaging.

Used in these Industries


  • Microscopy
  • Rotary Shadow Casting for Metals and Carbon
  • Metal Films, including tunsten and platinum

Capabilities & Features

  • Fully characterized, automated process to reliably and accurately deposit films using high resolution metal rotary shadow casting
  • Accurately deposits an extremely thin tungsten contrast layer removing the need to stain the sample
  • Tungsten deposition, in thickness from 1 to 3 nm, is via thermal evaporation
  • Vitua process times typically under 20 minutes
  • Programmed to automatically deposit tungsten and carbon in sequence
  • Use process parameters recommended by Denton, or program time, power and other parameters to meet your unique requirements
  • Can be used for carbon only
  • Oil-free pumping
  • High vacuum gate valve