R&D Solutions

Denton Vacuum enables innovation.

Whether investigating, teaching or training—from small, dedicated research groups to large, multi-user fabrication facilities—Denton Vacuum delivers consistent, repeatable results through wide process capability, ease-of-use, and superior reliability and support.


  • Versatile, high vacuum, DC & RF sputtering platform.
  • Pumps down to high vacuum (10-6 torr range) in under 30 minutes
  • Supports up to two cathodes in a confocal configuration delivering high uniformity films over a 4
  • Uses less than 36″ of desktop space


  • Versatile full-range low-voltage (resistive) thermal evaporation platform
  • Can be configured for high resolution electron microscopy sample preparation
  • Coats up to 8-inch substrate

DV-502 »

  • Thermal Evaporation, DC & RF Sputtering
  • High-vacuum gate improves cycle times increasing throughput
  • Accommodate larger sample sizes


  • Production and Research & Development
  • Evaporation, Sputtering & PECVD


  • Sputtering & PECVD
  • Conformal coatings, low temp processing & high intrinsic uniformity


  • Sputtering platform
  • Up to six cathodes


  • High-volume evaporation system
  • Optimized for optical coating applications
  • E-beam, thermal resistance and Ion-beam assisted deposition