Thin Film Solutions for Opto-Electronics & Displays

Opto-electronics is a broad category of applications for electronic devices that detect and control light (including visible light and invisible radiation). This sector supports such varied industries as aerospace & defense, consumer electronics, medical devices and semiconductor lasers, and is constantly expanding as a result of growing consumer, industrial, and military demand.

The sensitive optics at the core of opto-electronic devices require thin film coatings for a variety of reasons, including the enhancement of properties such as hardness, reflectivity, transmission, or damage threshold. These thin films can also protect the optics from environmental factors such as abrasion, dust or heat. Thin film deposition for opto-electronics is a demanding process requiring a clean environment and repeatable, uniform film applications at a high production rate to support the critical quality and productivity requirements of this industry.

Opto-Electronics & Display Thin Film Applications

Common thin film applications for displays and opto-electronics include AR/HR coating, optical filters, TCO coating, indium bump and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. Denton Vacuum offers high-quality and consistent deposition solutions providing high throughput and good yield for all of these coating types. For more detail, select a coating method listed below.

Applications for Opto-Electronics & Display

Featured Solutions for Opto-Electronics & Display