Thin Film Optical Filters

Thin film optical filters, also called thin film filters or TFFs, filter or modify lightwaves within an optical system to meet the phase control needs of different optical applications. Example applications include photolithography, image enhancement, image splitting, color match imaging and Raman spectroscopy. Thin film optical filters are used across many industries, including aerospace & defense, medical, and electronics.

Deposition Methods for Optical Filters

Common thin film deposition methods for optical filters or TFFs are ion assisted e-beam evaporation and magnetron sputtering. We offer solutions for both types of deposition: for ion assisted e-beam evaporation, choose from the Explorer or Integrity and for magnetron sputtering, choose from the Phoenix or Discovery.

Designed for high-quality optical coatings with low absorption and scattering, Denton’s Integrity precision optics system provides an array of precision-designed and configured electron beam and ion assisted deposition technologies to help you precisely leverage and control the reflectance, transmittance, absorbance and resistance in your optical applications. This system features an in situ flip fixture to permit coating on both sides of the optic without breaking vacuum and leverages LambdaPro® OMS for real-time control. Find details in our precision optics brochure.

Featured Solutions for Optical Filters