Denton Vacuum Welcomes Its Newest Sale Team Member

July 21, 2016

Denton Vacuum is pleased to welcome Heidi Siwik to its sales team.

Heidi Siwik is Denton Vacuum’s new North American Sales Manager for the Research Productivity Products, responsible for Denton’s line of microscopy & microanalysis research tools, worldwide. Heidi brings to Denton Vacuum much experience and accomplishment in both materials science applications and product management within the thin film technology industry. Heidi will be based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

Heidi comes most recently to Denton Vacuum from Angstrom Sciences, where Heidi served as Business Development Manager. Prior to that, Heidi successfully served as Applications Manager, Materials Division, Kurt J. Lesker Company, where she researched and developed thin film materials applications, new products and markets as well as working to improve existing product. Additionally, Heidi led marketing and training tool development while providing technical support for product management, sales and customers.

As R&D Materials Specialist for Lesker’s Materials Division, Heidi managed thin film deposition material product for R&D applications while providing support for marketing activities and business development.

Heidi attended the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and received her B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering there.

Heidi can be reached at