Infinity LANS: Laboratory Alloy & Nanolayer System

Ion Beam Deposition

Infinity LANS system

The Infinity Laboratory Alloy & Nanolayer System (LANS) is a small-footprint R&D solution for emerging dielectric, metallic, magnetic, superconducting and semiconducting thin film development, with wide usage in materials research. It enables unparalleled control of layer thickness, interface, alloy composition and materials flexibility.

This versatile platform is equipped with multiple processing targets for multilayer material synthesis and compositional nanotechnology. It is a perfect solution for the optics, magnetic sensor and R&D markets.

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  • Materials research & development
  • Precision optics
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Semiconductor development


The Denton Vacuum Infinity LANS offers biased target deposition (BTD), a hybrid technology designed to enable the best qualities of Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) and conventional sputtering. It offers a range of process pressures, control of adatom energies, and excellent repeatability and uniformity of <3% over 75 mm.

This system includes a high output, low-energy plasma source. The platform offers a water cooled, rotating or pulsed DC biased stage, with substrate heating up to 600 ℃. As with every Denton Vacuum system, it will be configured to the exact requirements of your application and be supported by our team of technical experts.

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