Infinity Z-Flex System

Ion Beam Deposition & Ion Beam Etch

Get the best of ion beam etching and the best of ion beam sputtering in one tool with the flexible Denton Vacuum Z-Flex system. This single-wafer transfer system boasts a versatile and optimized geometry for numerous sputtering and etching/milling modes.

It enables the deposition of high-quality thin film structures using a common vacuum, making it a perfect solution for semiconductor, MEMS and data storage applications such as HAMR, thin film optics and etching & overcoat processing.

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  • Disk slider fabrication
  • HAMR and TMR applications (heat assisted & tunnel magnetoresistance sensors)
  • FinFET (fin field-effect transistor) and advanced memory development
  • Laser facet coatings


With the Infinity Z-Flex, you can achieve highly uniform films on substrates over 6”-12” with excellent bulk characteristics and dense dielectric properties. This system is perfect for high and low stress applications as well as high or low sputter rates. It is fully computer controlled with automation software and features a high-volume pumping system and load lock front-end for wafer transfer.

The Infinity Z-Flex can also be integrated with our Versa Cluster Tool system for higher throughput, and is backed by our partnership commitment. We will ensure the right system configuration for you, and our support techs are just a phone call away for quick, reliable service when you need them.

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