Infinity RM Thin Film Deposition Solution

Ion Beam Deposition

denton vacuum infinity thin film deposition solution

When you need a high-quality film for such demanding applications as optical interference coatings or x-ray mirror optics, the Infinity RM Ion Beam Thin Film Deposition System is the solution for you. This pre-configured, end-to-end ion beam deposition (IBD) system that offers options for hardware and monitors, provides stable deposition rates and includes a second ion source for pre-clean and ion-assisted deposition.

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  • Optical interference coatings
  • Encapsulation films
  • Interconnects
  • Contacts
  • Under-bump metallization
  • Thin film heads
  • X-Ray mirror optics


With Infinity RM, you’ll have good control over film microstructure, stoichiometry and stress through independent control of ion beam energy and flux, letting you deposit a variety of materials. The Infinity RM also provides excellent control of film thickness and uniformity, for a smooth surface, as a result of its stable deposition rates.

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