Discovery Thin Film Deposition Solution

Magnetron Sputtering

The Discovery Magnetron Sputtering system offers versatility and high-volume production capability. The system can accommodate up to 6 cathodes with triaxis adjustment of radius, distance and angular presentation for uniform coating. Each cathode can be optimized for a different deposition method or target material.

The Discovery system is available in a semi-manual mode or can be upgraded to a fully automatic mode with one-push button automation to reduce system downtime. It is also available in a cluster configuration to meet specific process demands. Ask us about ProcessPro.

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  • Advanced optical filters
  • Biocompatible coatings for medical implants
  • Thin film resistors & sensors
  • Wafer metal & dielectric films
  • Large area hybrid circuit fabrication
  • Metal contacts of compound semiconductors
  • Research & development


The production-proven Discovery platform can handle substrates up to 300mm. It is available in a cluster configuration for oxygen sensitive applications and high throughput. The sputtering configuration accommodates DC, Pulsed DC, and RF sputtering with co-sputtering capability. The system can be configured with Denton’s proprietary color control system.

Options include ion assisted deposition, as well as Denton’s proprietary PEM technology for closed loop control transition mode, high rate reactive sputtering of metal oxides and nitrides. With independent electro-pneumatic source shutters and chimney assemblies, you can prevent cross-contamination of your source material. Multiple pump configurations, including diffusion, cryogenic and turbo, as well as pump placement options provide the design flexibility we need to meet your process and productivity requirements.

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