In Situ Controls

In situ tools observe in real-time the formation of the thin film throughout the thin film deposition process. Such in-situ metrology tools as a Plasma Emission Monitor (PEM), Optical Monitoring System (OMS) and Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) [analysis of surface structure and morphology, including curvature, stress, reflectivity and growth rate] enable the development of new and refined thin-film processes, materials and structures. For well-established processes, in situ tools help achieve higher yields and maximal uptimes, as they provide critical information for process monitoring and control.

In situ controls provide real-time feedback to the system to achieve tighter endpoint control. This enables high yield, repeatable results on demanding applications.


Two common in situ control applications for thin film characterization and deposition are plasma emissions monitoring (PEM) and optical monitoring system (OMS). In PEM, a feedback control solution will monitor plasma characteristics based on emission spectra from a sputtering deposition, so you can maintain film quality and high deposition rates. OMS offers the ability to monitor an optic’s properties during deposition and lets you adjust layer thickness in a stack during deposition to better achieve your target optical transmission properties.

Gain complete in situ control of your thin film deposition process with Denton Vacuum’s feedback control solution for PEM and proprietary OMS. To learn more about these solutions, visit the product pages shown below.

Solutions for In Situ Control