DV-502 Thin Film Deposition Solution

Thermal Evaporation & Sample Prep

The DV-502 Thermal Evaporation system evaporates many of the metals and compounds involved in optical coatings, metalization, and electron microscope specimen preparation with no discernable contamination. The DV-502 also offers flexibility with a range of configurations available to meet your needs, including evaporation from a range of sources such as tungsten filaments, wire baskets, foil boats, baffle box heaters as well as carbon rod or yarn accessories.

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  • Rotary shadowing for metals & carbon
  • Glow discharge for making hydrophilic TEM grids
  • Metal & dielectric films
  • Recipe development
  • Small-scale production
  • Forensic analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Quality assurance


With the DV-502, you’ll achieve rapid cycle times – this system can reach the 10-6 torr range within three minutes. The contamination-free performance makes it a great choice for sample preparation for electron microscopy.

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