Infinity Ion Beam Sputtering System

Ion Beam Deposition

Along with extremely high precision and thickness uniformity, the Infinity IBS System also delivers dense, defect-free films. Because it offers independent control over ion energies, you can achieve exacting thin film specs with very low contamination from flaking.

The system can operate at low process pressures, which aids in the creation of dense, highly collimated coatings. Backed by Denton’s commitment to long-term partnership and service, you will receive a highly reliable IBS configuration that delivers on high system uptime and ease of maintenance.



  • Precision optics (lasers, IR detectors)
  • VCSEL anti-reflective coatings
  • VOx microbolometers
  • High-efficiency solar cells
  • Spin valves for magnetic recording

How It Works

With Denton’s Infinity IBS System, you can achieve higher process performance and thickness uniformity compared to traditional thin film deposition technologies, without sacrificing a production-ready deposition rate. You will gain excellent control over adatom energies across a wide range of process pressures, for high repeatability and uniformity.

The system can be configured with an ion assist source for pre-clean and densification, a residual gas analyzer and in-situ controls to monitor specs in real time. Our IBS solution uses an monoenergetic beam of inert gas ions to bombard a target material and create a sputter plume, which is deposited onto a rotating substrate fixture.

The Infinity IBS System is ideal for applications like precision optics, AR coatings for lasers, IR optics and other devices where the utmost precision is required. Denton’s IBS module is fully compatible with front-end options to increase throughput and process efficiency.

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