Infinity Planetary System IBE

Ion Beam Etch

The Infinity PSIBE system delivers high-performance etching, critical thin film profile milling, glancing angle milling and more. It enables cost-effective manual sample transfer with a single wafer load lock. The system is class 1000 cleanroom compatible (ballroom style), ESD compliant and chemical assist is available for etch.

With our collaborative partner approach, we will ensure that your Infinity PSIBE system is configured to your performance and throughput needs. You will be fully supported by our team of technical experts to achieve the best results.



  • Semiconductor process yield improvement with end point control
  • Compound semiconductor Au etch
  • Process control and chip design assessment
  • Patterned etch
  • Wafer processing services

How It Works

This flexible, versatile PSIBE is a batch system that offers a small footprint that’s perfect for tight production floors. It is designed for low-to-mid throughput applications and is a perfect solution for the MEMS, semiconductor, and data storage markets as well as optics, lenses, pilot production and foundry support.

System features include an industry-leading ion beam source, an integrated Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometer (SIMS) for endpoint detection, advanced Semiconductor Layer Stop Technology (SLST) and automatic layer termination software delivering full computer control.

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