Why Choose Denton?

A Partnership to Optimize Your Processes

You deserve a truly collaborative partner who will analyze your unique challenges and desired specs to develop an application-specific design that scales to production and drives your business goals.

We’re not looking to just deliver on your equipment and technology selections. We work with you to understand your business and provide solutions that solve your production challenges. We help optimize your processes with technologies that deliver high uptime and availability, predictable and repeatable performance across a wide process window, and manufacturing-friendly solutions based on all of your production needs.

A Leader in Thin Film

Denton Vacuum has been a global pioneer in the thin film industry for over half a century. You can count on our expertise and excellent customer service to deliver consistent performance. And thanks to our experience across many industries and applications, you’ll find in us a trusted resource that you can rely on time and time again.

With a focus on creating manufacturing solutions using evaporation, sputtering, PE-CVD, ion beam deposition and other thin film deposition methods, we are the only supplier big enough to offer standard platforms and proprietary subsystems, yet small enough to offer solutions customized to your needs.

Expertise Across Industries

Our thin film deposition solutions support a range of applications, and we understand the forces at play across different industries. We can help you solve production challenges, whatever your market may be.

Benefits Throughout Your Organization

How does Denton help each facet of your production process?

Strategy & Product Roadmap

Achieve a lower cost of ownership and higher ROI in the long term with high-performance solutions and a partner who provides insight and support to drive future product development.

Process Optimization

Secure an application-specific configuration that meets your specifications and optimizes production processes while providing repeatable performance across a wide process window.

Equipment & Operations

Benefit from easy-to-use, standardized tools that solve production challenges, improve manufacturing yields and reduce training and maintenance time while increasing uptime.