See how Denton Vacuum has pioneered thin film for 6 decades.

At Denton Vacuum, we work with manufacturers to understand their business and provide solutions that solve production challenges. We have been a global pioneer in the thin film industry for over half a century. Denton is the only supplier big enough to offer standard platforms and proprietary subsystems, yet small enough to offer solutions customized to your needs.

Our evolution as a company is an important part of who we are as it shows our continued growth – from a small office in Cherry Hill to a business complex in Moorestown with extensive product offerings. Denton has come to support leading global innovators such as 3M, Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Seagate, Texas Instruments, United Technologies, and Xerox among others.

The Denton Vacuum Evolution


Richard A. Denton works with Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He advances the new field of antireflection lens coatings.

After WWII

Richard A. Denton founds the Optical Film Engineering Company in Philadelphia and provides optical coating services and produces high vacuum deposition equipment.


Richard A. Denton founds Denton Vacuum in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


Denton introduces the first commercial chemical optical coatings in North America.


Richard’s son Peter joins the company and is put in charge of the in-house optical coating service business and chemical optical coating division.


Peter introduces Denglas, a broadband antireflection coated glass used in the picture framing industry.


Peter Introduces Desk V “gold standard” SEM preparation series which uses Magnetron sputtering for biological samples so that secondary electrons from the plasma would not damage the sample structure.


Peter leads the development of Denton Vacuum’s ion-assisted deposition technology for optical coatings and its automation of complex precision optical coating systems. Peter also introduces low-cost, dual side coated anti-glare filters.


Peter becomes President of Denton Vacuum.


Peter moves Denton Vacuum to a larger campus complex in Moorestown, New Jersey due to increased demand.


Denton sells in-house coating operations to Quantum Coatings, to focus exclusively on deposition and etch equipment.


Frank Cumbo is introduced as new president and CEO to lead a new vision away from a custom system integrator to a market-driven and customer-focused provider of enabling products. Cumbo boasts senior sales and marketing positions at Ametek, Veeco and CVC. He holds an MBA at University of Maryland, and a BSME Clarkson University.


Acquires Isoflux Inc. Cylindrical Cathode Portfolio including both equipment, intellectual property, and process patents for its application to several biomedical applications.


Acquires 4Wave. This acquisition covers ion beam deposition and etch technologies concerning equipment, intellectual property and patents, as well as all process patents.


Denton granted the patent for a Linearized Energetic Radio-Frequency Plasma Ion Source. Allows them to enter new markets such as glass and plastic displays, wear-resistant coatings, and automotive glass.


Denton wins a new system order from a leading North American OLED display manufacturer based on the Discovery sputtering platform which utilizes Denton’s patented Inverted Cylindrical Magnetron (ICM) architecture.


Denton continues to be a leading provider of semiconductor laser facet coating systems. Two laser manufacturers switch to Denton’s patented bias target sputtering for laser facet coating.


A renewable energy company turns to Denton to advance their sustainable energy sector using thin film magnetron sputtering technology.


Denton celebrates their 60th anniversary.