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Discovery V

Planar Cathodes

The Discovery V is optimal for use on the Versa Cluster platform. It provides tight uniformity, high depth rate, a small footprint, and high uptime offering versatility and reliability while meeting high-volume production needs.


  • Thin film resistors & sensors
  • Wafer metal & dielectric films
  • Metal contacts of compound semiconductors
  • Research & development

How It Works

The Discovery V is a fast uniform deposition module , integrated  fully on the Versa platform using a planar cathode for magnetron sputtering . It utilizes 300mm cathode and can be used for standard up to 200mm wafer applications. It employs an adjustable rotating magnet pack for uniformity optimization and provides high rates for high volume manufacturing.

In a planar cathode configuration, the cathode is mounted directly above the substrate. With this configuration, you can gain tight uniformity on one side of the substrate during sputtering for properties such as film thickness, sheet resistance and refractive index. It’s the ideal configuration for applications where co-sputtering is not a requirement. This cathode set-up also offers improved yield, good lift-off capability and a high deposition rate.

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