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Phoenix PIB-CVD


Denton Vacuum's Phoenix PIB-CVD

Denton’s PIB-CVD process used in the Phoenix PIB-CVD system is tunable, allowing the ion energies and gas ratio to be adjusted to suit the needs of a wide range of applications, not only for flowable, soft, thin film encapsulation layers but also for hard, highly hydrophobic, and optically clear coatings.

An automated, inline palletized conveyor system creates uniformly thick and highly homogeneous coatings, ideally suited for both challenging layer stacks and simple product mixes. The Phoenix PIB-CVD inline palletized conveyance (IPC) system provides users optimal uniform coating thicknesses and highly homogeneous coatings.


  • Interlayer dielectrics
  • OLED encapsulation
  • Mobile cover glass hard coatings
  • Automotive glass and plastics
  • Hydrophobic coatings
  • Wafer metallization
  • 3D medical device coatings
  • AR & conductive transparent coatings
  • Front & back contacts for photovoltaics
  • Composite dielectric coatings
  • Discrete & hybrid circuit metallization

How It Works

The Phoenix PIB-CVD is based around Denton’s patented linear ion source, which enables a new class of thin film deposition called Plasma Ion Beam CVD (PIB-CVD). This deposition method can be tuned to produce coating compositions ranging from polymer-like to a diamond-like coating (DLC).

The Phoenix PIB-CVD in-line system offers high throughput for large volume production for substrates or pallets up to GEN 3.5 glass size (600mm X 720mm). The Phoenix in-line automation conveys a flat pallet or carrier through the system’s linear chambers. The system can be configured with Denton’s proprietary optical process control system or color control system.

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