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EUV Lithography

Extreme UV light (EUV) has wavelengths between 5 and 50 nm, which are much shorter than ultraviolet wavelengths. EUV lithography is required for semiconductor line widths less than 9nm.

One primary application of EUV light applications is pattern etching in semiconductor production. It is particularly important for production of next-generation semiconductors. As feature sizes get smaller and smaller, EUV’s very short wavelengths are needed to meet requirements for 7nm semiconductor processing. Due to the small feature size, extremely low particle counts on the mask blanks are necessary.

Deposition Methods for EUV Lithography Mask Blanks

An EUV mask blank is a key component used in EUV lithography. The goal is to make defect-free EUV mask blanks and photomasks, because if the blank or mask has a defect, the irregularities might get printed on the wafer. Ion Beam Deposition using Denton’s patented bias target technology eliminates contamination and defects common in magnetron sputtering and traditional Ion Beam Deposition.

Featured Solution for EUV Lithography

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