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Curved Optics

Curved optics and sensor technology is on the cusp of making a large impact on a number of technology fields including computer vision and automation, reconnaissance and surveillance imaging, and microscopy, among others. Curving the image surface can improve key performance axes including illumination uniformity, resolution, and light-gathering while also reducing system size, cost, and complexity.

High Quality, Highly Uniform Thin Films

Denton’s patented Discovery Isoflux magnetron sputtering system is able to produce high quality anti-reflective and mirror coatings with thickness non-uniformity of less than 0.5% on both convex and concave surfaces. The Isofux inverted cylindrical magnetron incorporates unbalanced magnetic fields to produce a significant negative self bias on the substrate. The self bias and high ion density result in a low energy ion flux found in other ion enhanced deposition systems, but without the need for a separate ion source. This coupled with the 360 degree magnetron shape enables high quality, highly uniform thin films on curved surfaces.

Featured Solution for Curved Optics

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