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Denton Sells First Versa Cluster Sputtering System to Telecom Industry Manufacturer

January 29, 2019

Moorestown, NJ, January 29, 2019— Denton Vacuum LLC today announced the sale of its new Versa Cluster deposition system to a California-based, worldwide market-leading manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products for optical networking and commercial lasers. The system will be used to advance metal contact technology specific to the telecom, datacom, 3D sensor and industrial laser markets.

Denton Vacuum’s Versa Cluster system, equipped with production-proven Discovery sputtering process modules, provides a standard platform that Denton customizes to meet specific customer needs. As an established longtime leader in optical networking, this customer supports a large portfolio of both legacy and newer leading-edge products. The Versa Cluster system meets this manufacturer’s needed production flexibility, high reliability and high throughput. By leveraging the well-established Discovery sputter platform, the Versa system meets the manufacturer’s exacting specifications and requirements.

“The Versa Cluster system provides the reliability and consistency we require throughout our high-volume production process,” the customer stated. “Denton Vacuum’s system enables us to run multiple applications on a single system while meeting our tight specifications. It provides needed process control, and flexibility as we transition to larger wafer sizes, ultimately enabling us to meet our growing demand with quality thin films on all our products.”

Colin Quinn, VP Sales and Service at Denton Vacuum, comments that their “tight specification for this continuous-metallization, TaN-reactive deposition tool created some unique demands for flexibility and accommodation in a production platform,” adding that, “Denton’s cluster system places our customer firmly in control of both of their manufacturing processes, demonstrating that flexibility ‘enables innovation’ for our customers. We’ve been delivering tools into the semiconductor laser market for 20 years, and we see our customers relying more and more on Denton to provide customized, flexible solutions to meet their individual high-volume manufacturing needs.” For more information on Denton Vacuum enabling technology, including this Versa Cluster tool, contact Colin at 856-380-5222 or

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