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Denton Vacuum Announces New Linear Ion Source Patent

May 04, 2021

Moorestown, NJ — Denton Vacuum LLC today announced it has recently been granted US Patent No. 10,815,570 B2 for a Linearized Energetic Radio-Frequency Plasma Ion Source.

“This patent is part of our aggressive IP development program, including both internally developed new IP and externally acquired existing IP. We are particularly excited by the new markets this linear plasma ion beam patent enables us to enter, such as glass and plastic displays, wear-resistant coatings, and automotive glass,” said Frank Cumbo, President and CEO of Denton Vacuum.

Dr. David Douglass, Senior Product Manager at Denton Vacuum, added, “This source enables a new class of deposition we call Plasma Ion Beam CVD. Because of the flexibility and tunability of the source design, it gets around many of the limitations of traditional PE-CVD. The process can be tuned using only source parameters, allowing our customers to deposit multilayer films using a single source in a single chamber.”

The linear plasma ion source is compatible with both Denton’s drum coating platform, suitable for industrial R&D and pilot production, and Denton’s linear transport Phoenix platform for high-volume production. For higher production levels and larger substrates, the source can be scaled to well over a meter in length.

This complements Denton’s patented Endeavor circular RF ion source, enabling similar technology on different form factors such as wafer and small-area substrates to match production requirements and product form factors.

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