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Denton Vacuum Announces New Order from Leading OLED Display Manufacturer

April 25, 2022

Moorestown, NJ — Denton Vacuum LLC today announced it has won a new system order for encapsulation from a leading North American OLED display manufacturer.  The system is based on Denton’s production level Discovery sputtering platform utilizing Denton’s patented Inverted Cylindrical Magnetron (ICM) architecture.  The system provides dense, optically clear films with unparalleled uniformity on 200mm wafers.

Dr. David Douglass, Senior Product Manager at Denton Vacuum, comments, “our ICM technology provides unique capabilities for both flat film and 3 dimensional coatings.  For OLED encapsulation, we can deposit films with excellent optical quality that minimizes light loss while being dense enough to provide an oxygen barrier.”

He adds, “For flat films, we can achieve less than 0.5% non-uniformity over a 200mm wafers.  This uniformity is inherent in the architecture and requires no masking or beam shaping, and it enables multiple applications including precision optical filters and ultra-high uniformity seed layers.  We can also achieve similar uniformity on curved optics.”

Denton’s unique patented PVD and CVD technologies enable it to provide display manufacturers with solutions to their most challenging manufacturing requirements.  Frank Cumbo, President and CEO of Denton Vacuum, explained, “We are engaged in technology demonstration programs with several tier one companies.  We’re adding expanded demo capabilities for both ICM sputtering applications and Plasma Ion Beam based CVD using our patented, new-to-the-world linear plasma ion beam technology.  This enables us to enter new markets such as glass and plastic displays, wear-resistant coatings, and automotive glass.”

These sources and technologies are suitable for high volume production and are compatible with Denton’s Versa cluster tool platform for wafer-based applications.  Their lengths are scalable to over a meter in the Phoenix linear transport platform for large area substrate manufacturing.  For pilot production and industrial R&D, Denton Vacuum offers a versatile drum style batch system and single substrate modules.

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