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Denton Vacuum Celebrates 60 Years of Leadership in Thin Film Deposition in the Optoelectronics Industry

February 13, 2024

MOORESTOWN, NJ, February 13, 2024 – Denton Vacuum LLC, a leading provider of thin film deposition and etch systems, today celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding. Denton’s thin film deposition and etch systems support the manufacturing of many of the advanced electronics now used in everyday life, including bendable cellular phones, tablets and portable computers, high-resolution LED and OLED TVs and displays, lasers, sensors, electric vehicles, solar power and sustainable energy technologies, and many others.

A global pioneer in the thin film industry, Denton has grown from a small office in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to a business complex in Moorestown with extensive product offerings. Denton has come to support leading global innovators in optoelectronics, semiconductors, displays, and microanalysis.

“With 28 patents and proprietary technologies centered around ion energy and plasma control, Denton Vacuum is uniquely capable of helping semiconductor and nanotech companies meet the need for low-damage, contamination-free, ultra thin and uniform films and coatings to keep them on their technology roadmaps,” said Frank Cumbo, President and CEO of Denton Vacuum. “Sixty years of success is a tremendous achievement, and I would like to thank our many customers, employees, and partners for making this possible.”

Denton Vacuum has achieved many technology firsts since its founding by Richard A. Denton in 1964. Within a few years of its founding, the company introduced the first commercial chemical optical coatings in North America. In 1978, Denton pioneered the use of magnetron sputter coating in preparing samples for examination by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a technology still incorporated in Denton’s Desk V sample coaters for SEMs. In the 1980s, Denton led the way in developing ion sources and magnetrons for ion-assisted deposition of thin films.

“Denton has a long history of being first to market with new technologies that help solve our customer’s design and manufacturing problems, and we continue to invest in both developing and acquiring technologies, patented and proprietary,” said Dr. David Douglass, VP Marketing and Technology at Denton Vacuum. “For example, we’ve been focusing on ion energy and plasma control. As you get closer to the atomic level with advanced electronics, it becomes more and more important to control the surface and interface properties of the different materials involved. There are a large number of new markets and applications where this will be useful in the near future.”

Among recent milestones, in 2020, Denton acquired the cylindrical cathode portfolio of Isoflux Inc., including all intellectual property and patents on the cylindrical cathode, along with process patents for its application to several biomedical applications. The Isoflux technology enables thin film deposition on curved surfaces.

In 2021, Denton similarly acquired all equipment, intellectual property and patents, as well as all process patents related to ion beam deposition and etch technologies from 4Wave Incorporated, a technology that enables Denton to delayer entire chips, one layer at a time, for quality control and failure analysis. Also in 2021, Denton was granted a patent for a “Linearized Energetic Radio-Frequency Plasma Ion Source,” enabling Denton to enter new markets for glass and plastic displays, wear-resistant coatings, and automotive glass.

“When I became President and CEO of Denton Vacuum in 2015,” concluded Cumbo, “Denton had a number of great products. We’ve since acquired other new products and technologies through acquisitions. Now we are working on a new generation of products, incorporating these and other technologies, that looks to take our business to another level in terms of our capabilities as a company. We are looking to build a foundation for another 60 years.”

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Denton Vacuum empowers the optoelectronic and semiconductor markets, helping engineers optimize processes and solve production challenges while improving manufacturing yields and gaining efficiency and throughput. Denton’s continuous commitment to research and development of thin film technology, including its proprietary integrated diagnostic systems, enables predictable, repeatable performance in a wide process window. Denton’s breadth of technologies and market focus pave the way in advancing such diverse applications as electron microscopy and microanalysis to providing market-leading solutions for IR detectors, semiconductor lasers and precision optics.

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