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Denton Vacuum Chosen as Indium Coater Deposition System Supplier for Defense Conglomerate

October 06, 2016

Denton Vacuum today announced that it has been selected as an indium coater deposition system supplier for a large European defence electronics company. Seeking to optimize an evaporative process using indium, the defense company, above all else, sought to secure a very small, fine grain structure in its deposited indium. Their current evaporation process employing indium, conducted at room temperature and depositing at a rate of ~50Å second, resulted in too-large of a grain size. While hearing that there were advantages to depositing indium at cooled temperatures, they sought Denton Vacuum’s experience and process knowledge in working with indium and delivering indium-specific deposition systems.

Ultimately seeking a ~2um diameter indium cylinders after liftoff ~3um high, the investigators worked with Denton Vacuum using a photolith to demonstrate the advantages of the Denton Vacuum indium deposition process.

Addressing the Denton Vacuum advantage in its indium coater deposition system, Colin Quinn, VP Sales & Marketing of Denton Vacuum, says that “Denton Vacuum offers an indium tool with several variations on cooled stages and stage temperatures,” emphasizing that such systems “are very application dependent.” “Denton Vacuum’s system offers a “-70°C to +110° Celsius stage ,” adding that while “Denton sells the system with a +- 3% uniformity feature, our customers typically see < 2% on a 6-inch wafer.” “And such uniformity,” Quinn continues, “is a result from a fairly standard indium system from Denton.”

Denton Vacuum’s Integrity Indium Coating System is truly an indium-specific tool, incorporating and reflecting many lessons learned over the years, including a thermal source with a heater and crucible specific for Indium, -70°C to +110° Celsius super-cooled rotating fixture and a high-reliability rotary feedthrough for low temperature operation, among other configurations.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of the Denton Vacuum Integrity Indium Coating System, contact Colin Quinn at or 856-380-5222.

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