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Denton Vacuum Featured in US Business Executive Magazine

October 06, 2016

Denton Vacuum, LLC, a global leader in enabling innovation to those researchers, developers and high-volume producers in the thin film deposition industry, was featured in the latest issue of US Business Executive Magazine. The article highlights Denton Vacuum’s remarkable pioneering history, the markets Denton Vacuum serves, and how Denton Vacuum enables innovation by providing proprietary technologies and superior global service and process support. Included, too, is a short profile of current CEO Frank Cumbo.

The article, entitled, “Denton Vacuum LLC: Creating Innovation Opportunities in the Thin Film Coating Industry” highlights Denton Vacuum’s long history and strong experience in providing world-class depositions systems on a global scale. “Denton remains a leader in enabling innovation for those who depend on thin film deposition processes and systems to accomplish their goals,” explains Frank Cumbo, President and CEO of Denton Vacuum, “especially those, for example, who advance optics or medical device technologies.” “Denton Vacuum enables innovation in anti-reflective efforts with our partners using conductive ITO with its own proprietary indium system technology and strategy,” explains Cumbo. “We enable our medical device partners to coat implantable devices for both wear and color coding using hard coating for stents, for example.” “A titanium nitride coating is used, which is compatible with live tissue and prevents any contamination,” Cumbo further explains. “Our wear and protective coatings are used on very precise instruments.” But that’s only part of the enabling innovation technologies Denton Vacuum offers, as the article explains. “Electron microscopy is a market that is really growing for us,” remarked Cumbo,” “…and [we] expect that number to significantly increase this year.”

In addition, the magazine showcases Denton Vacuum’s place and vision in this niche industry, describing Denton Vacuum as setting itself apart from competitors by using its proprietary technology to “provide a vast array of options for its customers’ film application needs.” The article describes other Denton Vacuum assets, including its global customer service provided by its team of service engineers. With approximately 55 employees and a 47,000-square-foot facility, Denton Vacuum possesses the ability to perform all of its manufacturing in-house. Says Cumbo, when asked about Denton Vacuum’s unwavering customer focus, “we test every system here in the factory before we ship it. We then install it and test it again to ensure it meets the customer’s requirements.”

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About Denton Vacuum: Denton Vacuum enables innovation. Denton designs and develops systems that precision-coat aerospace components, advanced optics, medical implants, solar cells, semiconductor devices and much more. Denton’s technology portfolio includes thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation, ion-beam-assisted evaporation, magnetron sputtering (including reactive sputtering), plasma-enhanced-chemical-vapor deposition (PECVD), ion etch and ion-beam-assisted deposition (IBAD). As a leading source for thin-film technology, Denton also provides value-added services and lifetime support that set new industry standards.

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