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Denton Vacuum Innovation Advances Focal Plane Array Fabrication

August 23, 2012

Global Thin Film Technology Leader Delivers Indium Bumping Deposition Systems to Customers in North America and the Middle East

Moorestown, New Jersey, August 23, 2012 – Denton Vacuum, LLC, a leading supplier of production scale thin film technology systems, today announced that it had shipped and qualified the second of two indium bumping deposition systems in 2012. Denton custom configured these Explorer® platforms for indium bumping, a critical process in focal plane array fabrication. Focal plane arrays are high technology assemblies that the military, auto makers and scientists employ for night vision and related advanced imaging applications. “These markets are accelerating, driven in part by the expanding use of night vision systems in luxury automobiles,” says Rod Moore, president of Denton Vacuum. “Because a standard evaporation system can’t support high uniformity indium deposition, Denton has developed proprietary collimation fixtures, substrate cooling systems and process sequences to assure uniform deposition even when users deposit through fine pitch photo masks.”

A recognized global leader for over a decade in indium bumping deposition systems, Denton has supplied focal plane array manufacturers around the world with unique designs that enhance throughput and deposition uniformity. Denton’s 2012 shipments of indium deposition systems have been to repeat customers with leadership positions in commercial and military focal plane array products. Previous Denton indium deposition systems are installed in government research facilities and major defense contractors in North America and Europe. As with all Denton products, Denton’s global service and process engineering group supports start-ups of its production-ready systems with complete installation, process demonstration and training services.

For more information about thin film technology systems for focal plane arrays, please contact Vince McGinty at 856-439-9100.

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