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Denton Vacuum Ships First Altor Series Thin Film Deposition System to Leading Cardiac Rhythm Management Products Manufacturer

July 23, 2012

Advanced Sputtering System Deposits Biocompatible Thin Films on Complex 3-D Medical Components

Moorestown, New Jersey, July 23, 2012 – Denton Vacuum, LLC, a leading supplier of production scale thin film technology systems, today shipped its first Altor™ series sputtering system to a prominent cardiac rhythm management (CRM) products manufacturer. The system will deposit electrically active coatings on cardiac leads, which are integral components of pacemakers and defibrillators. An aging world population is driving double digit growth in the global CRM market and CRM product makers increasingly require the ability to reliably coat complex 3-D components with thin films that meet demanding criteria for biocompatibility, wear, electrical impedance, uniformity and other properties.

Denton leads the industry in providing robust, production-scale systems that answer medical implant manufacturers’ unique needs. “First, they require a high-reliability sputtering platform and added levels of software control and verification to support the demanding FDA facility certification standards,” explains Moore. “Second, they often have specific ergonomic and facility standards driven by rapidly evolving worker health and safety guidelines.” The Altor™ platform, which takes its name from a Latin term for “protector,” satisfies the diverse set of needs. “This year will set records for Denton sales to the medical industry,” notes Rod Moore, president of Denton Vacuum.

This system, which results from a long-term working relationship between Denton, its customer and a technology partner, will be installed outside of the continental United States. Because leading global companies are demanding more from their equipment supply partners, Denton’s comprehensive program for this customer includes value-added services: Denton’s global service and process engineering group will support system start-up with thorough installation, process set-up and training services.

Derived from the company’s industry leading Discovery® platform, the Altor series sputtering platform supports a wide range of medical implant applications requiring protective, biocompatible coatings for products like cardiac leads, cardiac stents, and orthopedic implants. As a production platform, the Altor™ series includes custom-engineered material handling systems that enhance factory productivity and film uniformity. Denton’s standard ProcessPro® control software supports manufacturing operations with detailed production tracking, in-depth system diagnostics, and network access for remote monitoring, control and service. “Along with additional Altor shipments to other customers later this year, we also support the medical device industry with unique Discovery® and Phoenix® systems to coat active device components with a variety of electronic-grade films,” concludes Moore.

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