See how Denton Vacuum has pioneered thin film for 6 decades.

veonis Technologies GmbH Partners with Denton Vacuum, LLC, Thin Film Technology Manufacturer

September 22, 2017

Moorestown, NJ — veonis Technologies GmbH, a leading pan-European supplier of manufacturing and metrology equipment, materials and services to the semiconductor and optics industries, is pleased to announce its agreement with Denton Vacuum, LLC to provide Denton Vacuum products and services in Germany.

“As part of Denton Vacuum’s global expansion, partnering with veonis Technologies GmbH enables us to increase our presence and market share in the thin film technology markets in Europe. Our immediate goal is to further penetrate the precision optics and semiconductor markets in Germany, and we view veonis as an ideal partner” comments David Douglass, Senior Product Manager for Denton Vacuum.

“Our goal is to continuously improve our customers’ experience in every aspect, which includes expanding and deepening our network of global leading manufactures that provide cost effective solutions to the European market,” remarks Ulrich Spannring, Director of Sales and Marketing for veonis Technologies,” continuing, “and in providing these world-class systems and services, veonis Technologies serves and satisfies markets in close proximity to where our customers are located and operate, which remains key as we strive to achieve that very customer service and satisfaction. Adding Denton Vacuum products to our portfolio allows us to provide a significantly broader product portfolio to our customers.”

About veonis Technologies

veonis Technologies provides complete pre- and post-sales activates to its clients, including knowledge and assistance with all European-specific product safety, customs and legal regulations.

Drawing on nearly 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, veonis Technologies provides world-class service and support tailored to specific customer requirements. veonis Technologies’ unparalleled combination of product knowledge, application experience, service and support makes veonis Technologies a premier single-source supplier.

With additional offices in Grenoble, France and Gloucester, UK, veonis Technologies serves Southern and Northern European markets, while its headquarters in Munich serves all Central European markets.

About Denton Vacuum

Denton Vacuum, LLC, headquartered in Moorestown, NJ provides thin film deposition technology that delivers consistent, repeatable results through wide-process capability, ease-of-use, superior reliability, and global service and support. Denton Vacuum’s thin film deposition technologies provide superior performance in such applications as precision optics, lift-off & step coverage, dual-sided laser facet coating, indium for wafer level packaging, diamond-like carbon, metallization and medical coatings.