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DV-502B Turbo High Vacuum Evaporator

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DV-502B Turbo High Vacuum Evaporator

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The DV-502B Turbo is the newest addition to the proven line of DV-502 series of evaporators in a turbo pumped configuration. Since 1964, thousands of these units have been installed at universities and research labs throughout the world.

By using state-of-the-art electronic components and an advanced vacuum design, the DV-502B can rapidly and repeatedly cycle from atmosphere to high vacuum .

Pumping Performance

The DV-502B will reach 10 -4 Torr in a clean and outgassed system within 3 minutes, and 2 x 10 -5 Torr within 4 minutes in the standard 12 dia. X 12 high bell jar. No discernible contamination is produced in preparing specimens for electron microscopy.

The 1 kVA evaporation power supply permits evaporation of most materials used in electron microscope specimen preparation including carbon, gold, gold palladium, platinum, etc., and can handle many of the evaporations required in various metalizing, optical coating and other applications. The DV-502B has sufficient pumping speed to handle all of the standard Denton accessories as well as larger bell jars up to 12 dia. X 18 high.

Standard Features

  • 12″ x 12″ Pyrex bell jar with guard
  • 15″ diameter stainless steel baseplate
  • 5.8 cfm mechanical pump
  • 300 lps turbo pump
  • Full range gauge
  • Enhanced color touch screen control
  • Clean high vacuum
  • State-of-the-art components


  • High vacuum carbon coating for TEM and X-ray analysis
  • Carbon support films
  • Carbon platinum replicas
  • Aperture cleaning
  • Rotary shadowing
  • Asbestos analysis
  • Resistance evaporation
  • Failure analysis
  • High purity ultra thin films


  • 1kVA evaporation
  • 2kVA evaporation with filament holders
  • Shutter
  • Filament holders for 1kVA evaporation
  • Tilting and Rotating 2″ or 4″ diameter plate
  • Rotating 6″ diameter plate (no tilt)
  • 2″, 4″, or 6″ inverted rotating stage
  • Sigma SQM 160 deposition thickness monitor
  • Sigma SQM 310 deposition thickness controller
  • Carbon rod evaporation accessory
  • Carbon yarn evaporation accessory
  • LN2 trap with funnel
  • AC glow with gas
  • Bell jar lift
  • 12″ D X 18″ H bell jar

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