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INFICON Bayard-Alpert Pirani Combination Gauge – BPG400 Upgrade Kit for Desk IV TSC


INFICON Bayard-Alpert Pirani Combination Gauge – BPG400 Upgrade Kit for Desk IV TSC

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The standard Desk TSC system equipped with a turbo pump provides limited pressure measurement. A system upgrade is now available to display chamber pressure down to the lower limit of the turbo pump.

The INFICON Bayard-Alpert Pirani Combination Gauge, BPG400, functions as two gauges in a single compact unit measuring from 5 X 10 -10 mbar to atmosphere (3.8 X 10 -10 Torr to atmosphere). Combining technologies reduces the complexity of installation, setup, and integration. Choose the BPG400 for affordable and repeatable process to base pressure measurements in one economical package.

This optional instrument requires no field service. The gauge is a stand-alone instrument. There is no interface with the DESK TSC’s control system.
Simply connect the gauge to the NW 25 port provided on the side of the chamber. Plug the power supply into wall socket and into the gauge and pressure is displayed continuously on an LED screen right on the gauge. Gauge is provided with an inlet baffle to further protect the pressure sensors from particulate. All fittings are provided for connection to the system. Gauge position is adjustable with the rotating right-angle fitting supplied.

ADVANTAGES of the Inficon BPG Full Range Gauge:
Extremely wide measurement range from 5 x 10-10 mbar to atmosphere (3.8 x 10-10 Torr to atmosphere)
Excellent repeatability in the process pressure range from 10-8 �€� 10-2 mbar of 5%
The Pirani interlock protects the Bayard-Alpert system from premature filament burnout and excess contamination from high pressure operation
Long-life yttrium oxide coated iridium filament
Graphic display for pressure display in mbar
Automatic high vacuum Pirani adjustment reduces operator interventions

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