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Ion Sources

Denton’s Endeavor RF Ion Source is designed to operate without a filament and uses a single extraction grid. Because the flux of electrons extracted from the source is sufficient to neutralize the ion beam space charge and eliminate space charge arcing in the chamber, this RF ion source does not require an auxiliary electron neutralizer, such as a hot-filament or hollow cathode.

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Research & manufacture of:

  • Optical devices
  • Photonics
  • Magnetic & microelectronic devices

How It Works

The ability to produce and control ion species with specific energy, chemical reactivity, current density and trajectory make ion sources effective tools to create precision films and surfaces. Densification, optical transmission, critical thickness uniformity, smooth interfaces, improved adhesion and vertical sidewalls are some of the sought-after material properties enabled by ion sources during thin film deposition.

Denton offers our internally-developed CC-106 ion source. The CC-106 is a broad beam cold cathode DC source designed for ion assisted deposition and pre-clean processes, using oxygen or argon.

We now offer our new filament-free Endeavor RF Ion Source, currently available on new systems.

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