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Plasma Emission Monitoring – PEM Feedback Control

plasma emission monitoring

Denton Vacuum’s Plasma Emission Monitoring (PEM) solution enables near-metal mode deposition rates for insulating films, to dramatically improve throughput versus RF sputtering while maintaining required film properties. It is a closed-loop control system for transition mode, high-rate reactive sputtering of metal oxides and nitrides. Our PEM spectroscopy component acquires real-time plasma emissions spectra to control and manage plasma-based processes.

Our PEM solution precisely manages reactive gas flow by monitoring a plasma emission line and automatically adjusting the gas setpoint to maintain constant intensity. This provides consistent film composition while avoiding target poisoning by the reactive gas, which enables high deposition rates of oxide and nitride films. You’ll gain process knowledge and benefit from fast and consistent feedback control over your sputtering process.

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  • High-rate optical film deposition
  • Monitoring and controlling plasma-based processes
  • Process quality control
  • Metallurgical research and process control
  • Process research & development


Denton’s PEM solution enables high throughput applications while delivering tight integration within your thin film deposition system, for better process control.

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