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Checklist for a Good Service Provider

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In any industry, you want to partner with a solutions provider who delivers solid, reliable systems and products. Equally as important as the quality of the systems and tools you’re using is the quality of the service and support that keeps them up and running. So how can you be sure you’re signing on with a good service provider?

In-the-Field Production Experience

At Denton, we’re focused on hiring and training the right professionals, who have worked in the field with production thin film deposition systems and tackled real-world manufacturing challenges. A skilled and knowledgeable staff with hands-on, practical experience will install your systems quickly, getting your products into the market faster and preventing service needs before they appear. The best kind of service is service that you don’t have to use at all, because everything was done right the first time. This is what we strive for, by configuring and implementing high-quality systems based on our deep understanding of the nuances of your specific application.

Along with the expertise of support staff, an emphasis on collaboration is also paramount to offering great service. A collaborative approach ensures that we’re working with you closely throughout the entire process, so we are keenly tuned into your needs. And when an issue does arise, we are positioned to respond and fix it immediately – see a real-world example in this short case study.

A Strategic Service Roadmap to Scale

You want to know that your systems provider is committed to continuously building and bettering their support team. A good service provider has a growth plan in place to scale with incoming support and training requests, and actively works to expand their team to offer broader regional support.

We have a global organization of factory-trained field service engineers regionally-located to support our worldwide install base. To ensure that we’re delivering reliable service, we are continually growing our service and support team by adding new regional service centers across the globe. We’re constantly monitoring the size of our service organization to make sure it is large enough to deliver the quick response you expect and deserve.

System Refurbishments to Increase Capability & Extend Life

You need a solutions provider who offers quality upgrades and refurbishments done by trained service engineers. By refurbishing or upgrading an existing system, you can greatly increase overall capability by adding new deposition sources, assist sources, heat or improved fixturing. You can also improve process monitoring and measurement handling or enhance process control with the most updated software to support recipes, connectivity, data logging or remote monitoring.

With a refurb, you can modernize your equipment with an improved industrial computer or a new control cabinet, new power distribution cabinet or all new wiring. Systems can also be upgraded to automate activities such as pumping, venting and process runs, increasing your throughput and reducing operator time.

At Denton, we can perform a complete preventive maintenance inspection of your vacuum system, including service pump inspection, water manifold or flow switch replacement, seal service or replacement, and valve and solenoid rebuilds. We will also evaluate your deposition sources for replacement as needed. By replacing obsolete electrical components and wiring, you can affordably extend the lifespan of your equipment and increase long-term ROI.

Multiple Levels of Support

Make sure there’s a level of support that works for you. When you work with Denton, there are several levels of support available, for either preventative maintenance or on-demand service needs:

  • Service contracts: These ongoing maintenance contracts help us augment our internal resources and guarantee higher-priority support for you.
  • Phone and email support: You’ll always be able to reach us for questions or concerns during regular business hours through either of these methods.
  • Optional on-site support: We’ll be there when you need us for on-demand service as well as preventative maintenance, leak detection and training on systems and tools to reduce service requests and keep your system running smoothly.