See how Denton Vacuum has pioneered thin film for 6 decades.

Denton Vacuum: Experts in Thin Film Deposition and Etch Technology

Dr. David Douglass, VP Marketing and Technology interview

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Denton Vacuum is a leading supplier of process equipment for manufacturing semiconductor and opto-electronic devices focusing on innovative technology and application-specific configurations.

Partner with Process Experts

In our video, hear from Denton’s own Dr. David Douglass, Vice President of Marketing and Technology, as he details the advantages of application-specific configurations over engineered-to-order systems. This provides customers the ability to leverage Denton’s optimized solution for a particular process to minimize time to production qualification.

Denton Vacuum Invests in Innovation

Dr. Douglass discusses Denton’s commitment to innovation and increasing customer ROI by investing in and upgrading its Customer Applications Development Center (CADC) with new systems and tools. Hitting the 10-year milestone, the CADC serves as a platform for new hardware and software development for engineering. The large suite houses sputtering tools, evaporation tools, and PIB-CVD tools. The CADC also has three full-time staff members dedicated to running demos and development. When you partner with Denton, you get the added value of the CADC to aid in optimizing your system configuration for your specific application.

Pioneers in Deposition and Etch

In the video, Dr. Douglass also notes several milestones in Denton’s history as a pioneer in the industry, including development of the first magnetron sputter coating for SEM samples as well as being the first to employ ion assisted e-beam deposition. Learn more about our history, the CADC, and the value of partnering with Denton.

Denton Vacuum works with customers to determine the best solution for their needs. We leverage our deep understanding of deposition and etch technology and our decades of production experience to provide you the best tool for your application. Want to work with a partner that understands your thin film and etch, substrate handling, and throughput requirements? Contact Denton Vacuum today.