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Denton Vacuum Infinity FA Tool

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Enable uniform removal of the entire layer regardless of chemical composition

The Infinity FA from Denton Vacuum is optimized for delayering applications. The Infinity FA can utilize multiple etch technologies for uniform removal of layers. This high-performance etch tool is designed for delayering finished or in-process integrated circuits for failure analysis or reverse engineering. Learn more about the intricacies of the system, like the load lock for quick sample turnaround, in our video with Denton Vacuum engineer, Kyle Godin, PhD.

The Infinity FA is a powerful tool for failure analysis. The robust SIMS package delivers a highly repeatable process and provides the precision required to locate small defects for further analysis. If you are looking for a tool that delivers quality performance, The Infinity FA meets that and more. It allows you to take a fully packaged chip or a chip that’s only partially through the back-end-of-line processing and etch to a particular layer of interest for failure analysis, yield improvement, reverse engineering, or investigating the product for security reasons.

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