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Denton’s Versa Cluster Platform Enables Greater Thin Film Production Efficiency

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The Versa cluster platform is an automated front-end option for high-volume manufacturing for thin film deposition operation with Denton’s ProcessPro-HV software. Versa is designed to work with 200 mm or 300 mm process modules and is compatible with Discovery sputter modules and the Voyager PE-CVD system. This cluster platform has features dedicated to sputter etch modules and dedicated metrology options.

The Versa enables greater production efficiency to meet higher throughput requirements by:

  • Automating the loading process – compatible with both metal and oxide deposition
  • Coating multiple layers at a time without breaking vacuum with the multi-chamber configuration
  • Venting just the cassette load lock instead of the entire sputter module
  • Preventing oxidation by cutting out the need to break the vacuum


Ensure optimum efficiency of the Versa and use a process module that is compatible. For high-volume production, it is critical that you use modules like the Discovery or Voyager that prioritize overall process performance. This helps you scale your production and allows consistency, repeatability, and optimization depending on throughput needs. 

The Versa can be configured with Denton’s process modules for application specific production solutions, such as power electronic contact metallization and IR microbolometer sensor deposition. Dedicated pre-clean and metrology modules are available. 

Versa can be used with some of Denton’s Proprietary Process Modules such as:

  • Discovery Isoflux Module – Denton’s patented Isoflux inverted cylindrical cathode offers best-in-class thickness uniformity, for both flat and curved substrates to provide <+/- 0.25 coating uniformity.
  • Discovery V Sputter Module – Provides tight uniformity, high deposition rate, and small footprint offering versatility and reliability to support high-volume production needs for <+/- 2.0 coating uniformity. 
  • Voyager PIB-CVD Module – Denton’s patented Endeavor ion source enables a new class of thin film deposition called Plasma Ion Beam CVD (PIB-CVD) that can produce coating compositions ranging from polymer-like to diamond-like coating (DLC), from a single precursor.
  • Infinity Bias-Target Ion Beam Sputter Module – Provides dense, defect-free films suitable for high damage threshold lasers and EUV mask blanks.
  • Infinity Ion Beam Etch Module – A flexible, versatile, and small footprint machine for low damage etch.

Denton’s Versa platform offers consistency, repeatability, and optimized configuration even when production is ramped up. For high-volume production during thin film deposition, this automated front-end option enables greater production efficiency to meet higher throughput requirements. Save time with the multi-chamber configuration and the cassette load lock to skip breaking the vacuum and prevent oxidation.Contact Denton Vacuum to discuss the right Versa tool configuration for your application.