See how Denton Vacuum has pioneered thin film for 6 decades.

Ion Sources & System Controls

Denton has a rich history of innovation, and it continues today. We have developed a line of proprietary system controls and ion sources for thin film deposition. By using internally developed subsystems, we are able to more tightly integrate our systems and provide better performance without adding costly overhead from external vendors. This results in higher yields and a better return on your investment.

With a large in-house development and applications team, we continue to expand our deposition system portfolio. We recently launched the filament-free Endeavor RF ion source, and upgraded our workhorse CC-105 to the CC-106 ion source.

In-Situ Controls

Controls are used to observe the formation of a thin film in real time during deposition. They give you much tighter process control that can enable higher yields and system uptime. Several types of in-situ controls are available, and offer a range of benefits. Some offer direct monitoring and excellent repeatability and process control, and others provide indirect monitoring but are more cost-effective. Adding the right in-situ control to your configuration will ensure reliability and process integrity while lowering your cost of ownership.

Ion Sources

Ion sources are used in ion assisted deposition and pre-clean processes to produce and control ion species with specific properties. By controlling these properties, you can create precision thin films and surfaces within your system. During deposition, the source produces ions with specific energy, chemical reactivity, current density and trajectory in order to obtain desired thin film properties such as densification, optical transmission, thickness uniformity, smooth interfaces, improved adhesion and vertical sidewalls.