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What Partnership Means to Us


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At Denton, we believe that a partnership means more than just providing a product or service. We don’t just supply you with a thin film deposition system and then part ways. We collaborate with you from the beginning, to understand your business and develop a design that fits your specific application, then serve as a resource for industry insights and for applications you haven’t even thought of yet.

When we partner with a manufacturer, we focus our energy on gaining an understanding of their manufacturing process flow and factory requirements, so that we can provide the best service and the smoothest, fastest integration into manufacturing. With a good partnership, you can trust that everything is progressing and moving forward together, so that you’re not bogged down by acting as a project coordinator.

We also believe that “partnership” means establishing a relationship for the long term, and taking the time to understand how our solutions and technologies fit into your entire business. Your chosen vendor should have a trusted track record and provide reliable and responsive service. When you partner with a vendor in this way, you’ll be able to leverage their deep experience and knowledge to solve challenges for your company.

What a Partnership Means to You

A favorable partnership may mean something a little different for each role in your company. It’s important to consider the challenges and needs that are unique to each department but still critical to your manufacturing process as a whole.

Executives & Business Unit Managers will want to find a vendor that lowers the total cost of ownership and delivers a high ROI. A partner who provides high-performance solutions and excellent customer service will do just that. And, since you’re establishing a long-term partnership, they’ll be focused on the future with you, using their insight to help drive their future product development with your needs in mind.

Process Engineers need performance results and optimized processes. The delivered film must hit on high yield, high throughput, and meet all of your performance requirements. Your partner should understand these objectives from the beginning and develop an application-specific design that delivers – and give you performance data so you can see the specs you’re signing off on.

Equipment Engineers are most focused on reducing maintenance time and increasing uptime, efficiency and throughput as well as interchangeability among parts, particularly with industry-standard OEM parts. When you choose to partner with one vendor, you’re ensuring that the tools and parts will have a similar look and feel for quicker training, and will work well together. And the right partner should also provide plenty of guidance and responsive service, to help you shoulder the maintenance load.

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