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LambdaPro® OMS – Optical Monitoring System

denton vacuum oms diagram

Denton Vacuum’s LambdaPro® OMS enables you to maximize yield by controlling the deposition during a run and achieving repeatable performance from run to run. The LamdaPro OMS monitors the properties of an optic in real time as it is being deposited, using the reflection of – or the transmission through – a substrate or witness chip. This direct monitoring of a substrate or indirect monitoring of a witness chip lets you terminate the deposition at the desired optical thickness.

The LambdaPro® Optical Monitoring System is highly configurable to meet your exact specifications and will result in increased production yields on multi-layer optics. This solution offers complete integration into Denton’s computer-controlled system, providing both a high signal scan rate and analog to digital conversions, while working in both reflection and transmission modes.


  • Anti-reflectance and high-reflectance coatings
  • Laser facets
  • Optical sensors and filters
  • Band pass filters
  • Infrared filters and coatings
  • Neutral density filters
  • Metallization
  • Beam splitters

How It Works

The LambdaPro® OMS provides dramatic results in optical thickness and uniformity for multiple film stacks, while providing keen insight into the index being achieved in real time, along with film stoichiometry. Since our OMS is measuring optical thickness and not physical thickness, this solution is excellent for complex, multi-layer optical stacks.

Using a fully automated and programmable chip changer, the LambdaPro® OMS houses 50 chips and can index them accordingly with receiver for collection of spent chips for post-coating examination of monitor-to-work ratios and index verification. Incorporation of the crystal sensor at the chip changer supports real-time monitor-to-work relationships and high repeatability. Running in a Windows environment with all calculations performed by Labview, the OMS can be configured for selected wavelength ranges between 400 and 2200 nanometers with peak detection set for maximum sensitivity and sine wave functions.

The end result of in situ OMS is higher production yields on complex, multi-layer optics. Unlike stand-alone offerings, the LambdaPro® OMS is fully integrated to our Integrity control system for enhanced ease of use.

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