See how Denton Vacuum has pioneered thin film for 6 decades.

Denton Vacuum introduces its newest thin film technology offering — a system-integrated plasma emission monitor (PEM).

June 16, 2016

The Denton Vacuum PEM acquires real-time plasma emission spectra to help you control and monitor your reactive deposition processes, avoid target poisoning and maximize deposition rates. Providing an extended range (200 – 1000 nm), spectrometric-based optical sensor to precisely control reactive plasma processes, the Denton Vacuum PEM eliminates deposition guesswork and increases your sputter rates while depositing higher-quality films.

Fully integrated into the Denton Discovery sputtering tools, the PEM allows you to precisely manage power and reactive gas flow through auto-adjusting the gas setpoint, the PEM provides your process more efficiency, reducing incoming power requirements and cathode and substrate temperatures— avoiding sputtering from a poisoned target and eliminating possible damage to the target and to the magnets.

To read more about the full capability of this Denton Vacuum PEM, download our free whitepaper here.

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