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Denton Vacuum Updates Its Quick Delivery and Pre-owned Equipment Listing

October 10, 2014

Periodically, Denton Vacuum makes available deposition systems prepared and readied for fast delivery. These proven, capable and versatile tools, used for production and development, provide a unique opportunity to purchase Denton Vacuum tools at substantial savings and with an accelerated delivery timeframe.

Denton Vacuum now has two systems on its quick delivery list: an Integrity 44 for manufacturing precision optics and a Phoenix 400X for production in-line sputtering.

Denton System

Denton Integrity 44

This remanufactured high-volume batch production evaporation system delivers demanding precision optical and metal coatings in an automated, clean-room compatible system, coating substrates up to one meter in diameter. The Integrity 44 can be equipped for production-scale wafer or precision optics, and comes with fully automated process controls. The Integrity 44 delivers uptime, product yield and throughput for your most demanding production requirements.

Customer-Owned System

Phoenix 400X

This is a new, high-performance, high-output, turnkey multi-cathode magnetron sputtering system that supports planar and 3D component processing on areas up to 20” x 20” (508 mm x 508 mm) and up to four metals using DC, DC pulse or magnetron sputtering cathodes. Complete with a dual-level load lock, the Phoenix 400X provides capable and versatile handling of high-throughput production, even as you increase your production capabilities or add deposition technologies to your ever-changing requirements. The system is being offered for sale by the owner, who has asked Denton to support its re-sale with any required modifications to meet the new owner’s requirements.

For more information about these products, or any other products and services, feel free to contact Ernie Burrell, National Sales Manager, at or 856-380-5222.

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