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Denton Vacuum Upgrades The Gold Standard in SEM Sample Preparation

March 06, 2014

Compact, capable and versatile, used worldwide by corporations, universities and institutions, for 50 years the Desk V has been the gold standard for electron microscopy sample preparation. Now each Desk V includes a color touch screen interface that supports recipe creation and storage. In today’s multi-user environment, this new capability increases research productivity and helps ensure consistent, highly repeatable results. Stored user-defined recipes support quick switching between different preparation materials (e.g., Au and Pt) and different sample preparation protocols. All of which result in greater productivity, repeatability and ease of use.

Designed and built for the busy researcher and microscopist, the Desk V’s color touch screen control provides intuitive and simple operation, including timed sputter and etch process set‐points for power, pressure, duration and venting. With the Desk V’s new capability to create, store and run up to 10 coating recipes, process runs can now achieve even better consistency, more precise layers, and more uniform, repeatable coating results.

“Denton was the first to both develop and market a compact yet powerful system for the microscopy and research community back in 1964,” comments Dave Leonhardt, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing at Denton, “and the Desk V’s improved capabilities with recipe programming reflect Denton’s continued market leadership and initiative by constantly improving our products in light of both market and customer requirements.”

The versatile, user‐friendly Desk V is backed by a 12‐month warranty on parts and labor, over 50 years of Denton Vacuum process knowledge, an in‐house process engineering group, worldwide representation and support, and a Global Factory Service Center.

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Now in its 50th year, Denton Vacuum continues to transform barriers into thin-film technology breakthroughs for customers across the globe. With operations in the United States and China, Denton designs and develops systems that precision-coat aerospace components, advanced optics, medical implants, solar cells, semiconductor devices and much more. Fifty years of tireless innovation have produced robust offerings ranging from high-volume production platforms to unique custom-engineered systems. Denton’s technology portfolio includes atomic layer deposition (ALD), thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation, ion-beam-assisted evaporation, magnetron sputtering (including reactive sputtering), plasma-enhanced-chemical-vapor deposition (PECVD), ion etch and ion-beam-assisted deposition (IBAD). As a leading source for thin-film technology, Denton also provides value-added services and lifetime support that set new industry standards. See how barriers become breakthroughs by visiting