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4 Industry Applications for PIB-CVD

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In the world of thin film deposition, there are few techniques that have the versatility of PIB-CVD. Short for plasma ion beam assisted chemical vapor deposition, PIB-CVD is a cutting-edge thin film deposition process that can be used to deposit large area multifunctional thin films with greater efficiency as well as engineer new materials.  What… Read More

Enhancing Thickness Uniformity for Medical Device Coatings

Surgeons inserting a stent during heart surgery.

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Medical devices often require thin film coatings to optimize performance and longevity, while also ensuring patient safety. Because these devices often feature unique properties compared to “normal” substrates, such as a completely curved or flexible structure, they have challenging thin film deposition process requirements. Magnetron sputtering with an inverted cylindrical cathode is one thin film… Read More

Thin Film Coatings in the Medical Market

doctor looking through a medical device during surgery

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The medical market, including both healthcare and life sciences, is one of many markets that require thin film coatings to manufacture products. In the medical field, thin film coatings can enhance the durability of devices, improve patient comfort and even provide treatment for patients who need tissues removed, such as a cancerous tumor. Coatings for… Read More